Upcoming Talks

  • September 2017 Work, Labour, Skill and Data in Competitive and Professional Video GamesCAMEo, University of Leicester.
  • August 2017 Togetherness in Esports: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics in Women’s Professional Computer GamingThe Future of Esports: Challenging Work and Gender Issues in Professional Computer Gaming, MadLab, Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • August 2017 Is Gaming a Craft?European Sociological Association, Athens, Greece.
  • June 2017 Towards a relational ethics of gameplayMultiplatform 2017, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Politics, Culture, and Games

Tom Brock is a senior lecturer in the department of Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan. He holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Durham and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority. His research interests include social theory, digital culture and political protest. He has authored publications on video game consumption, critical pedagogy, student movements, and populism. Tom is the co-author of the book Structure, Culture and Agency: Selected Papers of Margaret Archer (Routledge). He currently co-convenes the BSA Realism and Social Research Group and steers the BSA Theory Study Group. Tom is also an Associate at the Centre for Social Ontology at the University of Warwick.

Tom is an avid computer gamer and sportsman. He spent his teenage years playing video games competitively during the emergence the now popular electronic-sports (or 'eSports') scene, attending some of the earliest 'Insomnia' or i-Series tournaments in the UK. This experience has influenced his research into the social psychology of work and play, particularly in terms of its relationship to changing employment and career opportunities.

Recent Publications

Recent Speaking

  • September 2016 Videogame Consumption: The Apophatic DimensionVideogame Cultures 8th Global Meeting, Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • July 2016 Play as Craftsmanship in Computer Game Consumption: Towards a Sociology of Gaming as Craft LabourInternational Sociological Association, Vienna, Austria.
  • July 2016 Man, Reflexivity and Gameplay: On Deriving a Sociology from GamesInternational Sociological Association, Vienna, Austria.